Alferpac develops and redesigns projects for electrical installations, researching for the best solution to each case and each Client, while upholding he laws and regulations in force.

Among other services, Alferpac performs:

  • The licensing;

  • Surveys and electrical studies;

  • Design reviews;

  • Projects for low voltage electrical installations, with diagrams for the connection to the earth (TT, TN and IT);

  • Lighting projects and studies;

  • Projects for transformation stations and substations;

  • Projects for underground and aerial networks for medium voltage;

  • Projects for communications (ITED and ITUR);

  • Projects regarding against fires in Buildings (SCIE).

Electrical Low Voltage Installations

Alferpac employs a capable group of technicians, with all the necessary physical means, to reply, in a timely manner, to any request.
The main goal with this type of services is to develop effective solutions, going through strict processes and with high levels of quality, assuring the continuity of service of this kind of infrastructures.

Medium Voltage Networks

Alferpac has more than tem years of experience in the project, execution and maintenance of aerial lines of low and medium voltage (up to 30 kV), qualified by EDP Distribution.

Aiming to provide a safe and timely response to any request, Alferpac employs a capable group of technicians, with all the necessary physical means.

Electrical Tables

Alferpac has a subdivision of Electrical Tables, which includes an assembly plant, which allows a wider performance in service rendering. All the services and products of this subdivision are identified by the trade mark: UNIQ.

This subdivision is made up by a completely focused team, which is in constant improvement of the work technics and sensible to the new technologies in the market, assuring a level of excellence in the services and products, recognized by our Clients.

Alferpac employs technicians with a wide experience regarding the project, making of, installation and maintenance of electrical tables, such as: equipment for power systems, control, command, power factor compensation batteries, or special projects.

Telecommunications and Computer Science

Alferpac performs the setting, installation and the inclusion of personalized, exclusive, quick and effective solutions, according to the specific necessities of our Clients.

With recent laboratorial infrastructures, Alferpac is able to provide maintenance and system support, ensuring the best and most recent solutions in the market to our Clients.

The development of products connecting electricity, communication, computer science and electronics is a reality, in Portugal and abroad, as in the installation and maintenance of specific systems of communications for the civil and protection forces.

Mechanical Installations

Alferpac employs technicians with specific qualifications in the field, namely licenses of Technicians Responsible for the Operation of Buildings, enrolled in the Portuguese Environmental Agency (APA).

Alferpac supplies and installs air compressors, with all the necessary accessories to the good operation of a compressed air network, and also performs the maintenance, repairs and renovations.

Alferpac renews networks for medical and vacuum oxygen. Alferpac also performs in pipes, either hydraulic or pneumatic.

–  Alferpac installs equipment of analysis, instrumentation and measurement equipment;

– Alferpac installs fans, boilers, industrial machines, vacuum pumps, amongst other mechanical infrastructures.

Energetic Efficiency

Alferpac develops and installs several equipment and solutions to improve efficiency, such as:

Alferpac develops solutions that allow a greater efficiency in terms of illumination, with a possibility of gains of more than 70%.

The technical department regards the electronic variable speed drives as great facilitators of energetic efficiency. In the industrial and the manufacturing field, there is a potential for the intensive usage of this type of equipment, the gains are high and the comeback is quick.

The control and the management of this type of equipment with sensors, improves the energetic performance and increases the effectiveness of the processes.

The Technical Department stresses the importance of the High Efficiency Motors over the traditional motors, due to their higher performance and the higher power factor.

The High Efficiency Motors should be regarded as a medium-term investment, seeing that the expected lifetime of the motor sis superior to 15 years.

Alferpac values the support that the photovoltaic systems give in minimizing the electric energy bill, when used for self-consumption.

Alferpac also recognizes that the longevity, the adequate comeback, and the right power, can’t be compromised by the lack of accuracy. As such, the execution of the project in a current way is of the upmost importance.

The Compressed air is the most expensive energy consumed in an installation (it is not a primary energy but a transformation of electric energy). According to the good practice rules, the installation of compressors should be adjusted to the consumptions, eliminating the void times, adapting the networks, eliminating the leaks, amongst others.

The project and design of a Compressed Air network is quite important and, when conducted in a correct fashion, it can reduce exponentially the costs of exploration. The installations of Compressed Air should be a permanent focus.

Alferpac’s Technical Department regards the Biomass System as a good option, on what concerns the production of hot water, due to the low costs when compared with other fuels.

With the reconversion of the systems, it is possible to obtain a 60% reduction on the cost of energy.

The Integrated Systems can join, in a single project, several of the above mentioned measures. They can also be complemented with other efficiency measures, some of which with reduced costs, such as turning off sectors of illumination, lowering the temperature references or closing doors. We could also include, from the big systems, the Industrial Cold Production Machine, or the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System (HVAC). Regarding the first one, there should be a reinforcement of the isolation, the placement of automatic doors or even the resizing of the networks. With the HVAC systems, and with older equipment particularly, they could be replaced by systems with higher efficiency.

Technical Audits

Alferpac has a heterogeneous staff, with engineers in various fields: electrotechnology, telecommunications, computer science, mechanical and civil. As well as employees with a wide range of specific qualifications, namely Hygiene and Safety, Air Quality, Regulation Characteristics of Thermal Performance of Buildings, Telecommunications ITED and ITUR, Facility Management, Management system for intensive energy consumption, Energetic Certification, amongst others.

Based on these skills, Alferpac has developed several products/services adjusted to the needs of the Clients, with the intention of allowing the study and election of the best solutions for the running of each installation. The final goal is to provide the Client with a complete and explicit Technical Report about a specific infrastructure, so that the Client can make decisions and act according to its own intentions; meaning giving the Client a ‘picture’ of an infrastructure and its specialties, as well as possible improvement measures.

This is one of the most important subjects to Alferpac, and, other than the legal requisites to what all electrical infrastructures should obey, we regard the electrical safety as too serious of a subject not to consider it priority.

Alferpac offers a product named ‘Safety Audit’, which main goal is to verify the safety level of electrical installations, in the scope of the safety of the installation itself, but mainly regarding the safety of people.

Nowadays Communications are necessary to the everyday routine of the any citizen and/or company, so there is more information supported by systems of growing complexity.

Knowing about this reality, Alferpac has developed a model of ‘Communications Audits’ that aim to keep up, periodically, with the evolution of the systems, regarding their structuring and the safety, as well as communicate necessary information to the management of the network, who can be telecommunications operators or industrial and7or services infrastructures.

The field of ‘Energetic Efficiency’ as become more and more the focus of a wide group of energy consumers, regardless of the type of energy used.

Through our heterogeneous staff, an individual addressing system was elaborated, for each type of installation, realizing the possible need to promote efficiency palns for different energy sources (electrical, compressed air, fuel, gas, amongst others).

This type of audit can be as embracing as the needs of the Client, due to the fact that Alferpac is enabled to diagnose problems and to present the best efficiency solutions.

The Audits regarding the Management system for intensive energy consumption are mandatory, according to laws in force, namely for intensive energy consuming facilities, with a consumption higher than 500 toe/year.

In this context, and for installations with a consumption higher than 500 toe/year, Alferpac features an integrated system that includes the conducting of energetic audits, the preparation of rationalization of the energy consumption plans and the elaboration of reports of execution and progress.

The field of buildings is responsible for the consumption of approximately 40% of the final energy in Europe, however more than 50% of this consumption can be saved through energetic efficiency measures.

The energetic efficiency is mandatory, in new buildings and rehabilitated, as well as in those in transaction or leased.

The great buildings of trade and services, as well as the public buildings, have the duty to, periodically evaluate their savings potential.

It is within this framework that Alferpac provides de service of ‘Electrical Certification Audits’ to our Clients, with our Qualified Experts and Technicians for the Installation and Maintenance of Buildings and Systems.

Technician Responsible for the Exploration

Is my installation safe and does it abide with the legislation in force?’

  • Alferpac appoints an accredited technician that takes on the technical responsibility for the exploration in the electrical infrastructures of the Client installations, that include the Transformation Stations, the Sectioning and the low voltage installations, always keeping up with the standards and legal rules associated with a safe practice;

  • The services included in the contract include the verification of the state of preservation of the electrical installations and the equipment protection;

    • Verification of the operation of all the electrical equipment;

    • Providing the Client with specialized technical counseling about the electrical installations;

    • Installment, accompaniment and supervision of all the operations of routine maintenance and punctual interventions;

    • Inspection of the electrical installation with the demanded frequency and elaboration of a report for the General Direction of Energy and Geology (in Portugal).


Investigation and Development

The Department of Investigation and Development of Alferpac is watchful for the needs, for both individuals and companies, and aims to study them, with the intention of understanding the possibilities of converting them into products. The purpose is for this products to be marketed in sufficient quantity to sustain new investigations.

This products may include communication systems, electronic, firmware or software, but always with the intent of integration of the products in the market.